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Spring Traing Game #20: More links

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Drew Bienhoff from Up in the Rockies, Mark Townsend from Bugs and Cranks and myself all answered some questions for Baseball Digest Daily's Bloggers Roundtable on the Rockies. What surprised me is how much we agreed with each other in the responses. I saw neither of their answers while formulating mine, and they didn't see mine.

This other link is for an event that's not going to happen until tomorrow evening, but Mark Redman will be on Country Fastball's streaming webcast at 7:00. I've got a little hoedown of my own going on at my apartment then, but it might be interesting to hear what Mark has to say.

Our opponent this afternoon has a similar proven veteran versus players out of options scenario in their outfield as we do. For Texas, Jason Botts and Nelson Cruz are playing the Cory Sullivan role and competing with Kevin Mench (who's the Scott Podsednik of Rangers camp) for their last outfield slot. This Texas reporter says trading Botts is a possibility and we know that the Rangers are already shopping Marlon Byrd.

Speaking of Pods, it's got to be refreshing for him just to get out of Chicago, especially when you consider that their reporters still can't stop dissing him, even today:

Jerry Owens knows how it looks.

It's a month into camp, and more time has been spent discussing his injured groin than his play on the field.

In other words, it has ''Scott Podsednik'' written all over it.

Classy, Chicago.

From Troy Renck's blog entry, Pods gets the start in center today, with Cory Sullivan in right. Ubaldo Jimenez is pitching. The game's on KOA radio as well as MLB.TV today.