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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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Troy Renck has five questions for his readers to answer. The first is, "The Rockies' fourth and fifth starters should be?" Three of the four choices include Morales paired with one of Redman, Towers, or Wells. How about a? Though, I hear that Ben Franklin throw a mean splitter.

Next, "What would be the Rockies' best combination at second base?" It's a toss-up between a and b. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost won't be too pleased if they don't break camp with the team. (Insert joke about other 2nd base candidates)

The third question, "Cory Sullivan or Scott Podsednik as a fifth outfielder?" Can we combine the two into Sullipod? Bad name, sure it is. That'd be choice e, by the way. And Matt Holliday's abs are better than the two combined.

The fourth question, "The arrival of Luis Vizcaino as a key setup man makes you[?]" A bit of a, a bit of b, a bit of c, and a bit of d.

The final question, "The single most important thing that will happen this season[?]" Seriously, the answer is a.


Podsednik's catch in yesterday's game certainly gave Hurdle some things to think about, saying in that article, "He's having a good camp." A good camp, but like yesterday's Rockpile brought up, maybe not good enough to make the Rockies.

I don't know, maybe Podsednik could increase his chances of making the team by trying out as a pitcher. He'd probably be just as inconsistent as the those competing for the the final two spots in the rotation.

At least we can step away from that inconsistency today and watch Franics and Corpas pitch.