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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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Today's the first real off day for the Rockies after having played a game everyday (except for Sunday's rainout) since February 27. I'm still marveling at the walk-off homer Stewart hit. That was a shot. The bat sliced through the strike zone with such ease.

That's not the only story from yesterday's game, as it now appears that the second base job is Nix's to lose. But his recent power display isn't going to his head since he knows what's expected out of the guy who will bat eighth:

"If you are going to hit eighth in the National League, you have to be able to take a walk, not trying and force things," Nix said. "I take a lot of pride in being disciplined at the plate."

Nix wasn't the only one to make ground in the pursuit of a job. Scott Podsednik showed what we might expect from him when he comes off the bench. OK, he won't have an RBI triple every time he enters late in the game, but being able to have a guy with his speed at that point in a game will be of immense help.

The backup catcher position battle has actually been quiet, but that's not due to lack of competition. It's due to what we expected out of Iannetta. Chris Iannetta is the backup, there's no question about that. Talk of him starting the season with Colorado Springs now just seems to have been a motivation for him to get going, which he's done this spring. Will he take over the starting job he had last spring at any point this season? If he gets only one start a week it'll be hard for him to do better than Torrealba, which probably shouldn't be too hard if he was given the chance.

Brad Hawpe expects to play tomorrow as the DH against the White Sox. Oh, and Kip Wells actually starts a minor league game today. Here's the chance to dominate some ball players.