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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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Throwing out baserunners is one of the things the catchers are working on during Spring Training, but yesterday's game didn't show much improvement in that area as the Brewers stole two bases off of Torrealba. However, we shouldn't blame Torrealba's shoulder for that. As the article indicates, Torrealba hasn't packed ice around his arm this spring training, so getting into a rhythm is his main concern now. Hurdle would agree with that, though if Torrealba is trying to hit another dial during games he better not try to up it to eleven. His shoulder might get into trouble that way.

Dan O'Dowd doesn't give Ian Stewart a ringing endorsement for his performance at second base so far. As a result, we'll likely see him with the Sky Sox for another season. Still, Stewart's future with the organization depends on what happens with Atkins. Looking at his comment about Stewart not having the type of season last year to knock the door down, O'Dowd wants one more year to determine the future at third base for the Rockies.

Maybe Tony Gwynn Jr. should receive a replica of the NL championship trophy with all the thanks he's still receiving.

Sorry, Ryan Braun, but Tulo won't trade you his World Series experience for your Rookie of the Year trophy.


Split-squad games today against the Athletics and Mexico at 1:05 MT.