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Make a difference and commemorate your Rockies at the same time

Charlie77 posted this e-mail in today's Rockpile, but I think it's definitely worthy of front page consideration. Please consider a donation to this campaign even if you're not interested in the DVD:

MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR KIDS WHILE CHEERING ON THE ROCKIES THIS SEASON! Donate to the FSN/Colorado Rockies 2008 WINS FOR KIDS Campaign by April 30 and recieve a complimentary DVD of FSN's 90-minute special "21 Days: The Rockies Run for the Pennant." Easy. Tax deductible. Just a few dollars makes a difference. Donate a set amount per Rockies victory over the course of the 2008 season, or simply make a one-time donation. WINS FOR KIDS is in its third season and each year has netted over $50,000 for two worthy organizations - The Children's Hospital and Prader-Willi Syndrome Association. With your help, we can surpass this, so please, donate whatever you can, by clicking the "Donate Now" link below. On behalf of the Rockies and FSN Rocky Mountain, thank you! Because when the Rockies win, the kids win too.

Donate Now