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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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Even with his mixed effort this spring, Morales fits in fine with all the other back-of-the-rotation candidates, given their propensity to allow an excessive amount of baserunners during spring training. Hurdle hasn't eliminated Morales or anyone else from this competition yet. However, there's an interesting quote in that article:

"We are going to have some decisions to make here shortly, and the thing is, I think they have put us in the position where we can't make a wrong one," [Hurdle] said.
It wasn't a compliment, as Renck writes, but Hurdle isn't entirely correct. Wrong in the sense that they've all been equally bad on the mound during the spring, but we already know what the careers of Redman, Towers, and Wells are like. We don't know about Morales. We don't know about Morales yet. In the first article, the RMN one, Hurdle said, "[...] we also want to win all the games we can." He also said he's seen guys perform poorly in Spring Training and take off once the regular season starts. Who knows if that will happen, but I'd place money on Morales being the one.


Tracy Ringolsby alerts his readers about high schooler Andy Burns, a third baseman attending Rocky Mountain High School. He played in the AFLAC High School All-American Game during the summer. He had two at-bats, scored a run, walked, and struck out for the West team.


The Mets took Steven Register in the Rule 5 Draft in December, and now there's a good possibility he'll open the season as a member of the Mets' bullpen. Not surprisingly for the Post, the Rockies come off as the bad guy in the piece. Register helped feed that part of the story with lines like this:

"It was a great feeling to know that somebody wanted me, and an even better feeling to find out it was a big-market club like the Mets."
I didn't get called up in September, so the club doesn't want me? Please, how many other players in the minors are saying that?


Tulsa's manager Stu Cole, pitching coach Bo McLaughlin, and trainer Austin O'Shea were the chosen recipients for the Mike Coolbaugh Man of the Year Award.


If you were constructing a lineup based on a every team's 2007 production from a specific spot in the lineup, you would the Rockies' sixth spot for that. The third spot had a .965 OPS, brought down due to Atkins' poor April as the team's #3 hitter.