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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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Mark Redman's bid for a rotation spot grew stronger yesterday, as Clint Hurdle admits feeling comfortable there:

"To his credit, there is always an intangible if you have seen people," manager Clint Hurdle said. "You don't hold it against the other people, but it is like a book on the shelf in your library at home. You read it and liked it, and you will always like it."

Of course, keep in mind Redman is a book that the Rockies picked up in a box on the curb, after it had been discarded by several previous users. Additionally he's more of a steamy pulp romance novel than Dostoevsky, so I'm not exactly sure I'm comfortable with Hurdle displaying him on our library shelf so prominently. It's sort of embarassing, like having the TV on Maury when your rich friends come over. I mean sure, you can try and pass it off like it's merely your elitist sense of irony that allows you to playfully juxtapose your obviously cultured self with these objects of the common in your midst, but deep down, you know you really like it "and you will always like it" just like Hurdle says.

Silverblood's Spring Break is a boon for us, as she has a couple of new posts up going over her thoughts on our bullpen and infield at her blog. Her in depth analysis will have to balance out my brevity this morning, as I've got a fairly busy schedule in New York this weekend.

Russ mentioned this yesterday, but Purple Row will likely be switching platforms on Monday, so you might want to check out McCovey Chronicles or Minor League Ball or one of the others that have already made the move (Athletics Nation, Lone Star Ball, Halos Heaven, Viva El Birdos, Bleed Cubbie Blue) to familiarize yourself with how the new layout will look if you haven't already. There will probably be downtime on the site Monday morning as a result of the platform switch, so keep that in mind as well.