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Monday Morning Rockpile:

Oh gee what a surprise, Jayson Nix is the starting second baseman, Kip Wells is headed to the bullpen and Marcus Giles made his goodbyes to teammates yesterday. I wish I had seen that coming. I wouldn't expect much in a trade with the Dodgers, but at least Marcus will be close to his brother again and at home in Southern Cal.

I'm on the road today, so I'm going to have to keep this post very brief and I'll have to wait until tomorrow to check out the new look to the site in more detail. At any rate, go ahead and play with some of the features.

Whoah, I'm over here now.

The Hardball Times is shifting to the NL West for their Five Questions series this week. My Rockies preview will be up tomorrow, but Ducksnorts' Geoff Young and I came up independently with one question in common regarding a certain play involving a bald guy -you'll have to wait for my answer- and Jon Weisman also previews the Dodgers today.