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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Clearer Pictures

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Now that he is officially the second baseman for the Rockies, Jayson Nix will need to step up and work with Tulo in the infield. We all want to see him be part of the 6-4-3 combination that worked so well on double plays last season. Nix is taking the right approach with his mate up the middle:

"I expect that Troy is going to be able to teach me a lot, especially since last year was his first in the big leagues," Nix said.

This probably isn't much of a surprise to anyone here, but Troy's a decent ballplayer. The same can't be said for Kip Wells, who doesn't understand why he's been demoted to the bullpen. It's a demotion for Wells, but the move spares the Rockies from being punished when he starts a game. Though, is there any hope that he  won't completely tank in the bullpen either? Because, with only one spot left in the 'pen the question is, do the Rockies keep lefty Micah Bowie or righty Ramon Ramirez? Seems to be unfair punishment for the rest of the 'pen to have Wells in there.

Franklin Morales will pitch today against the White Sox, and depending on how he pitches we may hear an official announcement on the final two spots in the rotation. Really, it appears that the only rotation question is between Morales and Towers. Redman has the other spot locked up.


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