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Thursday Morning Rockpile

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Okay, so now that the Rockies have made it pretty clear that the roster's going to look pretty much exactly like I said it would with my updated bubble watch post two weeks ago, I feel better about my purpose in life. Now if I can only be so good with the stock market. Anyway, Ramon Ramirez was the last real-borderline player and it turns out the Rockies are trading him reportedly for what they hope turns out to be a journeyman lefthander who has never performed up to his considerable capability due to control issues. Not exactly the example we want for Franklin Morales, but given the results of yesterday's contests, maybe we have more important things to worry about.

Like what the freak is going on with Luis Vizcaino?

I mean, that's just a for instance. Another one could be, with the facilities of our ST site in Tucson so limited, where do all those guys take showers? I'm just saying the question's been asked, but I'm sure they manage. At any rate, the Tucson conundrum of whether to save Spring Training or not had no resolution in March of 2008.

Add Jayson Nix to the list of starting Rockies middle infielders who emulate Derek Jeter as a role-model. He talks with the Denver Post about his dream come true. Nix was named by the Rockies the camp MVP.

So now that we're pretty much all set, as for me, I'd say the three surprises of the Rockies MLB camp were:

1. Kip Wells somehow was worse than advertised

2. Micah Bowie was better than I thought he'd be, and proved able to win a roster spot.

3. Ditto for Scott Podsednik, whom I had pegged going the Marcus Giles route at this time.

Anyway, as a conversation starter, I'm curious where other people saw something unexpected this spring.