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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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All systems go, apparently. The Rockies plans for building depth have remained on track. Josh Towers and Jose Capellan were bad enough this Spring to ensure no outside interest as they cleared waivers and are reporting for Colorado Springs. Cory Sullivan is also ticketed to play with the Sky Sox, as the Rockies decided to make a go with Scott Podsednik off the bench instead to start the season. Sullivan and Ryan Speier -who's right handedness also played a role- were victims of the CBA's option system more than anything else, as both have had strong camps and would have made the Rockies decisions much harder had there been a risk of losing either to other teams. The Denver newspapers are in two camps with Sullivan this morning,

1. Sullivan's an example of ownership's new emphasis on winning over cost cutting

2. Sullivan is a well-liked victim of a brutal cut that will destroy clubhouse chemistry

The game itself, was a bittersweet victory that might not have told us anything, as you have to wonder how much Doug Davis' cancer diagnosis affected his pitching. He's the type of pitcher that needs to have cool-headed deception and a good poker face to be successful, and obviously other things are going to be on his mind right now that might throw him off. Our thoughts and well wishes go out to him and his family for a full and speedy recovery, as we hope to best him on the field many times this year.

The bats were out in full force, yesterday, sans Tulo, who's still showing weakness against finesse lefties. That Brad Hawpe hit his HR off Davis is particularly encouraging, as he's been much more consistent against southpaws this Spring. Let's hope that continues into the regular season when the games actually count.