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Spring Training Game #8:

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Aaron Cook and Kip Wells take on the Snakes today, a team we're so confident in beating that we'll play them blindfolded and with our left hand tied behind our back -well at least with the left side of our infield on the bench. Garrett Atkins and Troy Tulowitzki get the day off, according to Thomas Harding as the team takes the long bus ride across Tucson to TEP. For the Diamondbacks, Bob Melvin is going to experiment a little and try to get a bit of an advantage by batting Micah Owings seventh.

Drew Litton informs me that the Rockies store has re-stocked their supply of purple boxers as today's cartoon pays homage to Rockies fans.

You better believe we're strutting a little right now.

I believe this is the Gameday link, but knowing me, I might have to fix it later. There's no audio or video today, so we'll have to try and glean what's happening from the boxscore until we get some of the written accounts later.