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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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Oh, wow, take a look at this:

The players hold each other accountable and their work ethic is staggering. Two weeks after the World Series, the Coors Field weight room was full. So it was not surprising that when reliever Ramon Ramirez reported to spring training overweight, he stuck out like a cactus in a rose garden and was subsequently traded.

So, the rationale behind trading Ramon Ramirez had nothing to do with keeping Kip Wells on the team? You know, the guy Renck also says the Rockies will need in the rotation at some point. It goes like this, it appears: Ramirez enters camp overweight, violating the team's work ethic --> Therefore, he's traded during spring training. It may be more accurate to say this: The Rockies sign Kip Wells during the offseason, guaranteeing him money he does not deserve --> Ramon Ramirez starts the spring overweight --> Kip Wells performs as we expected in camp --> Ramirez performs better than expected --> Kip Wells moves to the bullpen in order to not become a waste of money (and to act as some sort of depth for the rotation) --> Therefore, Ramirez is traded. That seems to be a bit more accurate than the two-step process we have above.

I did like Renck's piece on current and former Rockies and their gloves, however.

Irv Moss takes a look at Casey Weathers, Brandon Hynick, and Keith Weiser in his latest minor league entry. Weathers learned about major league etiquette during his stint in major league camp. Hurdle's gave him a past this time and expects him to show us what he's really made with Tulsa this season.

The season's almost here!