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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

Steve Treder at The Hardball Times is currently ranking the ten worst hitters since 1957 for each spot in the lineup. Walt Weiss's 1994 season comes in tied for seventh worst with Roger Metzger's 1972 season. The Rockies weren't a thought for me until 1996, so was he that bad of a leadoff hitter as this "fun study" suggests? Also, Neifi Perez's 1999 season as the leadoff hitter for 92 games was tied for 15th. Should we expect the Rockies to have candidates for other spots in the lineup as Treder unveils the rest of his results?

If we didn't already know, Todd Helton is a good guy. He'll take part in a charity event that Joe Kenendy was supposed to be at before his death in November. The players will compete in a MLB 2K8 home run derby. Hit 'em for Joe.

Ladies' Night is under attack by "a self-described antifeminist".