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A stand for Rockies Ladies Night is a stand for democracy

Most of the blogs here at SBN avoid political discussions in the sports realm, but I've held that sometimes the twain have to meet and today's a good example. Russ pointed out a story in today's Rockpile that's kind of gotten my goat, so here goes:

At its basis the idea of creating equality between all people is a value we've treasured as Americans since the inception of our nation, so it might be easy to sympathize with the man on a mission to end a perceived bias toward females in discounting Wednesday night ticket prices if his whole life pointed toward making things right for the wronged, yada yada yada.  

Unfortunately that's not the case, Stephen Horner has instead spent most of his adult life trying to make things right for Stephen Horner and that is all. Horner claims that why he's on this crusade to end ladies night discounts across the spectrum is to create equality between the sexes, but his real goal, which he has stated often enough in the past in both his own publications and published interviews is to push society back to a point where men maintain complete autonomy over women:

"Here's what I'm fighting," Horner tells me, his voice warming as his eyes lock mine in a glacial stare. "Women believe they were put here by God to be parents. And they aren't going to let us men tell them what to do. And I'm willing to say that's wrong, and as a result people say I'm angry. I'm not angry. I don't have a history of violence. I just come on strong and break people's comfort zones."

So what we have here is a first class control freak who'd seemingly be most comfortable in a Taliban type of society, forcibly using the courts to impose his personal mores on the whole population. That's not equality, to me that's one guy getting his way at the expense of the majority.

Specifically by solely targeting women with this crusade of his -all women, btw, not just the feminists he says he's opposed to- Horner shows his true stripes. Think of it this way, he's not taking hotels to court for offering discounts to seniors, or to the privileged class that can afford AAA discounts by membership in that club.

He doesn't utter a peep about private golf clubs like Augusta National that bar females, because this is the way he wants all of society to be. It's not what's right for the goose is right for the gander, for him, it's all gander and no goose. Normally I wouldn't spend much time on a guy like Horner, but this fanaticism of his that is willfully trying to impose his lifestyle on all of us has found enough traction in the court system that I think it's important that more people stand up and tell him to sit down, shut up, and, ahem, take it like a man.