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Spring Training Game #10: Hirsh pulled with shoulder soreness

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Similarly to the D-backs Micah Owings earlier this week, Jason Hirsh has been scratched from his appearance in today's game due to shoulder soreness. He says it's not a big deal, and no doubt the Rockies will stick to that line too, but there's a definite caution flag that has to come with this. Hirsh should be monitored closely going forward this Spring to see if he's able to stretch his innings out enough to be ready for real play. He otherwise might have to spend some time in the extended Spring camp or in the worst case scenario the pain could be a sign of bigger problems in his shoulder. Don't get too alarmed yet, but just keep it in mind as something to monitor.

Franklin Morales, who was already also scheduled to pitch today, takes the start:

Here's the Gameday link