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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Willy Taveras bulked up and wants to be more durable this year.

Tracy Ringolsby paints a rosy picture of the offensive potential of a Tulo/Jeff Baker middle infield, and reports about Baker's aggressive start to the Spring.

That said, Jayson Nix isn't worried about the slow start to his Spring. The Nix/Baker debate's fostering some heated discussion here already, which is one of the joys of Spring.

Speaking of what was on the plate of discussion here yesterday -but not taken up- elsewhere the Post had a blip about Ubaldo Jimenez indeed scrapping his slide step for the next start as he appears willing to allow some SB's to keep from rushing his mechanics. This puts a little more burden on Torrealba and Iannetta, but it's a safe choice as long as the decision really allows him to limit damage hitters can do to him with runners on.

It's heartening to note that several Rockies have identified their weaknesses to work on. But does anybody really believe that Tulo's going to have a problem with "being more vocal in the field?"

Ken Rosenthal discusses the Rockies possibility of signing Holliday and points to Garrett Atkins as a trade candidate after the season. When have I heard this before? Maybe he really really means it this time. It's interesting to me that Garrett's position with the team makes him the frequent target of trade speculation, but I've got a hunch that Taveras joins him soon. I'm really beginning to think this is Dexter Fowler's year.