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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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Jason Hirsh won't make his Sunday start, but Renck's already speculating that it's possible Hirsh's shoulder could keep him out for a while longer. Maybe not even break camp with the team. But there's also this:

[Hirsh] believes it's no big deal. The Rockies are consistently cautious with injured players, and they would rather rest Hirsh now than have a flare-up a week before the season, when it's more difficult to find a replacement.

Though, if yesterday was any indication, finding a replacement for Hirsh now might be just as difficult. Still, Owen Perkins in his notes column (and some of the discussion from yesterday's game thread) makes a good point:
Put too much stock in numbers, and you're likely to have Redman and Towers on the wrong side of the separation they're striving for. But Redman and Towers are both pitchers who rely on location, and it's a bit of a reach to expect consistent location early in Spring Training.

Well, at least Francis didn't bomb in the 'B' game played yesterday against the White Sox. He threw four scoreless innings. The note at the bottom of the article will tell you how a few others performed.


Just when you thought that the it would be one of the old guys on the Giants' roster to come down with an injury (well, Vizquel is out for a month or so after having surgery on his left knee), Noah Lowry is likely gone until the end of April after having surgery to clear up his exertional compartment syndrome.

Andruw Jones may be a weighty issue for the Dodgers. That link should take you to the story, but it may wind up asking you to register eventually. Anyway, Jones is playing at 245 lbs., ten pounds heavier than when he played some better baseball than recently. I've tired of Bill Plaschke after watching him on Around the Horn for years, but maybe there's something to getting Jones back to 235 lbs.  


The RMN editorializes on Ladies' Night, Steve Horner, and civil rights.