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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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Stockpiling shortstops gives the Rockies some flexibility for the future, even with Tulo apparently standing in the way of the up and comers. As of right now, three of the five mentioned in the Tracy Ringolsby piece -Tulo, Chris Nelson and Hector Gomez- figure to have the batting ability to play anywhere, corners included. Jonathan Herrera is unlikely to have that kind of bat, and he's looking more like a utility type because of it. Still, it's a welcome sign that he's going to be moved around this year. Helder Velzquez may or may not develop the offense to make a switch to third like Gustafson suggests. Certainly he's got the kind of frame (still, let's put the A-Rod comparison aside) that says it's possible, but his swing and approach at the plate thus far don't inspire a lot of confidence that his bat plays outside the middle infield positions. He's got an important couple of seasons in front of him in Asheville and Modesto to show that this isn't the case.

No need to panic.., everything's fine.., having three key pitchers sit out their turns with pain in their pitching arms happens to every team, right? Oh... maybe not. No panic, but definitely at least a little concern is warranted.

Kip Wells had about an inning and a half of decent work yesterday. Unfortunately, he pitched four innings overall and the first two and a half weren't good, much like his last appearance. We'll see how he does the next time out, but of our extra pitching depth, he's the one I see as least ready right now. I'm also happy to note with this Thomas Harding article that Bob Apodaca has joined me on the Esmil Rogers bandwagon:

"He's tough," Apodaca said. "Calm, poised, no fear. "He's a remarkable young man with a world of ability that has the athleticism of a shortstop and takes that athleticism to the mound with him. I'm very impressed with him.

"Everybody needs to get a good look at him, because it might not be long for him."