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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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Aaron Cook will throw a side session today, and Bob Apodaca believes Cook will be ready to go on Wednesday. Hirsh, though, isn't close to a return yet. Let's be thankful that U-Ball threw four strong innings against the Angels yesterday.

The Angels, according to the first link, are looking around the league for a utility player, and Clint Barmes has caught their eye. Well, fishing for a utility player. Is Barmes the fish they would mount on a plaque and hang on the wall or would he wind up being thrown back into the lake since there are better fish out there?

Jayson Nix may want to speak with Carney Lansford, the Giants' hitting coach, before the start of today's game. Lansford, the hitting coach for Colorado Springs last season, helped Nix turn in a strong final two months of the season in 2007.

The Rockies will have the honor(?) of facing Randy Johnson on Monday in his Cactus League debut. How about a rude welcome back for Johnson?

Tony La Russa took a shot at O'Dowd and the organization. Evidently, "The Rockies' opener at St. Louis on March 31 could feature a tinge of animosity." Yeah . . .