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Spring Training Game #14

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Franklin Morales starts in place of Jason Hirsh this fine Sunday afternoon. Lefty Pat Misch opposes Morales in his bid for the fifth spot in the Giants rotation. Gameday link.


CF Taveras
LF Podsednik
3B Baker
C Torrealba
RF Spilborghs
1B Koshansky
SS Barmes
2B Nix
P Morales

LF Rajai Davis
3B Kevin Frandsen
RF Randy Winn
CF Aaron Rowand
2B Ray Durham
1B Dan Ortmeier
C Eliezer Alfonzo
SS Emmanuel Burriss
P Pat Misch

Let's be glad this is only a ST lineup. If we had Torrealba batting cleanup during the regular season . . . . that's too scary to even think about.