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Game #1: Wells vs. Lohse

Let's give this another go. Tonight the Rockies and Cardinals attempt to start off the '08 season again. Kip Wells, banished to the bullpen as spring training ended, makes the unexpected start as the "Opening Day" starter. For the Cardinals it's also equally unexpected that Kyle Lohse starts in this game.

Wells has, what, 3.1 million reasons to show us why he should be on the team, right? And we don't have Kaz to hit an unexpected grand slam off of Lohse tonight, but we do have Jayson Nix. Nothing like starting off your career with a grand slam.

In the end the April Fool's joke will be on the Cardinals for believing Kyle Lohse could get them the victory on Opening Day. But don't hold me to that.

Go Rockies!