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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Even though they weren't the first to use it, the Rockies are close to securing key trademarks for the term "Rocktober", which amounts to a nifty coup and adds a lot of value to the Rockies brand. Since better branding equals greater revenue, which equals greater chances for building championship teams, I'm actually as excited for this news as I am for our current three game win streak. Now let's get back to the playoffs so the team can cash in from this some more and re-sign Matt Holliday.

Speaking of playoffs, I'm also excited for Joe Sakic and the Avalanche, if anybody hasn't had the chance to check out our excellent bloggers at Mile High Hockey, I encourage you to take the opportunity right now. Woot. Corporate Thursday, see how I just built our SBN brand right there? Yeah, I'm all about selling out today apparently.

It looks like Jeff Baker will get another chance at starting at second today (weather permitting) and Taylor Buchholz is feeling fine in his relief role. Those are two of the several notes from the Denver Post this morning.

I know there's some disagreement here on the merits of Micah Bowie, as should normally be expected for the last guys in the bullpen on any team. I still think we made the right decision with him over Josh Newman this Spring, as Jack Etkin points out, he's stranded all seven baserunners he's inherited. Of course, thanks to his three run tenth inning outing against Arizona, he's drifted to the bottom of the pack in Rockies WXRL (it's as complicated as the acronym makes it sound, but it's as decent a way of measuring relievers as I've seen) so the debate must go on. It's still early, we'll see if his smoke and mirrors act remains as successful as it's been up to this point.