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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Doug Davis' surgery for thyroid cancer "was very successful," the team doctor said. As Davis recovers and works his way back towards pitching in the majors, the Rockies and D'Backs meet for round two this season. In the first round the D'Backs rang the Rockies' bell, but with the Rockies' bats seemingly coming alive on Wednesday this time it should be more of a challenge. First up is Francis vs. Webb, and Francis will want to get back at the D'Backs for his last outing. Twelve hits and five runs is not up to snuff. Nor is allowing three home runs. Plus, the D'Backs are riding a six-game winning streak. We don't need to see that go any longer.

What about those Giants? They're now winners of three straight after Kevin Correia threw 7 2/3 scoreless innings against the Cardinals last night. The Rockies don't need to be competing for the bottom of the NL West. Besides, I think Adam Wainwright was just being nice to the Giants by getting their hopes up for just a bit longer.

Since Josh Fogg is no longer a Rockie, the team needed a new player representative in the Union. Fogg tabbed The Physicist for that role.

Todd Helton says that the ivy grown at Coors helps hitters since some of the shine is eliminated.