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The Pub: Clocked

Friday was pretty close to an all around terrible day for my rooting interests, Rockies lost, Avs lost, as you'll see in the Pebble Report, all of our farm teams lost. So I'm going to be on a bit of a short fuse today. For that reason, I'm opening a "let's not talk about it" open thread where anything but the Rockies is welcome. Alright, I do have to admit that I was excited that my USC Trojan baseball team took out their pounding sticks against Tyson Ross (the same guy I defended as a possible first round pick for us in Thursday's Rockpile) but that was the lone sports highlight for my day.

I'm currently reading a collection of Richard Price books that I checked out from the library after reading several positive reviews for his latest, Lush Life and having some of my writer friends who swear by his prose and dialog skills even though I'm not really into the whole crime genre. Uhm, haven't really seen any movies lately, is there anything good out? Anyway, non-Rockies stuff can go here.