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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

So it's an unfortunate coincidence that on the same morning that the news comes out that Matt Herges won't be suspended by the MLB for past HGH use that new also comes out that he will be one of three Rockies honoring Jackie Robinson's legacy by donning the no. 42 next Tuesday. The stories should be disconnected, but their proximity for me brings up a weird moral discussion thread in my own head about how honor and disgrace can mingle like that. Then again, the Jackie Robinson story is as much about baseball's past mistakes and how good elements within the sport fought to resolve them as it is about baseball's past glory, so perhaps it is fitting after all that there's another reconciliation that needs to take place now. Part of me still has issues here. Herges is getting off with a slap of the wrist for his own past mistake, and wearing Robinson's jersey on the fifteenth will now only remind me of that, but I know that Herges will know that too, and there's where forgiveness will really have to take place.

Alright, I'll forgive Herges, but I've got this pit in my stomach that still holds a lot of animosity toward Diamondbacks this morning, so I'm going to cut this short.