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Game #11: Haren vs Morales

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Danny Haren's lost ten pounds this week with the flu, and much as I dislike taking advantage of other people's misery, and though I know I'll hate the way Diamondbacks fans will thereby blow off a loss as an aberration, I'll take the victory anyway I can get it right now. Now should we lose again today, that's where the real test of my patience with the team will come in. Nobody in the division has shown an ability or willingness to stand up to the Diamondbacks yet, and while the season's still very very young, it would be nice if the Rockies planted a friendly reminder in Arizona to not count their 2008 flag just yet.

We've got regional coverage on broadcast television today, maybe the Rockies need to feel the glare of the nation again to be comfortable. Let's hope...

Go Rockies!