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Thursday Pebble Report:

Again, very late today, When I'm on the road it usually means I'm a bit more busy with real life and it always throws my scheduling a bit off. So not only am I late, but I'm going to have to keep this short today as well, but expect a lot more detail Saturday morning.

Colorado Springs: L 5-1

And today's game has been postponed by the snowstorm. Anyway, the lone highlight for the Sky Sox was Chris Frey's solo homerun. Jonathan Herrera had two hits but wasn't moved along by the sluggers hitting after him.


Dexter Fowler has a journal entry for Yesterday was an off day for the Drillers.

Modesto: L 6-3, W 2-1

Keith Weiser and Nelson Robledo were the primary forces behind the game two win. Weiser had a strong five and two/thirds innings, Robledo scored one of the runs and drove in the other thanks to two hits. In game one, Simon Ferrer pitched well for five innings, allowing only two runs on three hits and three walks, and since he left with the Nuts trailing, he was credited with the loss albeit undeserved. The usually solid Tommy Baumgardner gave up four runs on four hits and was only able to retire one batter in the sixth in relief. Mike McKenry, Michael Paulk and Cole Garner all had two hits for the Nuts. If those three continue to produce like they have this week, Modesto should be in much better shape than it was looking to be in a week ago.

Asheville: W 7-2

Like I said, I'll have to go into more detail on Saturday, but needless to say after Darin Holcomb certainly didn't do anything to make me back down from my thought that we actually did find an overlooked gem in him with last season's draft with three extra base hits, including another homerun in a four for four night. Connor Graham looks to have a higher ceiling than Cory Riordan -it was warmer last night, which might have helped Graham's stuff filthier- but he's a bit less polished, and I thought I saw a bit too much of an inverse W on his fastball, which I know some see as a warning sign for injuries down the road.