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Saturday Morning Rockpile: A win streak?

Hey... I kind of remember this feeling. Last September/October, I think it was... although for some reason I kind of remember that these things are best when they last three weeks or so.

As Hunter Pence says, you have to give some credit to Franklin Morales for rebounding from a horrible first inning to squelch the 'Stros, but I think the difference last night was the production up the middle that's been missing. Six hits, including five doubles plus an HBP for the Tulo/Barmes/Ianneta trio qualifies as far and away the best game we've gotten offensively this season from those positions.

It says something when a team's bench players play so well, typically that something is "time to make a different bench." I think Hurdle's going to ride out Barmes' hot streak, and I think Iannetta is already starting to see more time (this was his third start this week) which probably should be expected with guys hitting over .400. For right now, I don't think it's a bad move as long as it's handled well with Nix and Yorvit.

At any rate, just like that we're second in the division and two games out of the Wild Card. Take that all you over-eager pundits that wrote us off too fast. The Rockies are still here.