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Monday Pebble Report

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Colorado Springs: L 5-4

Greg Reynolds caught a bit of a break in that only one of the five runs he allowed was earned thanks to Ian Stewart's sixth error of the season, but that doesnt change the fact that he's still struggling to adjust to AAA life, with ten baserunners in seven innings allowed yesterday. The positives? A 12/6 GB/FB ratio, and only 100 pitches thrown despite the traffic show he's getting more efficient, I think it might be only a start or two more before we start to see the dominant Reynolds return. Chris Frey hit his second homerun of the season in the loss.

Tulsa: L 10-3

Alan Johnson was another pitcher of ours to take a beating on Sunday,  a pinch-hit homerun in the sixth was the last of five extra base hits he gave up, and the subsequent HBP on the next batter got him tossed. The Drillers offense couldn't really muster much against the rehabbing Mark Mulder, scoring all three of their runs after he left.

Modesto: L 9-4

Keeping with the starters getting bludgeoned theme, Simon Ferrer couldn't get through the second inning yesterday, giving up five runs on six hits and two walks. Geoff Strickland went three for three with two walks, and Matt Repec and Jason Van Kooten each had multi-hit games. Their doubles were the only extra base hits for the Nuts.

Asheville: W 3-2, W 4-3

The Tourists squeaked out two one run wins yesterday, in the first, Jhoulys Chacin pitched all seven innings, giving up six hits and an HBP while striking out five. His one major mistake was a fifth inning homerun, but other than that he did a great job at keeping things in check. An 11/3 GB/FB rate is always nice to see. Michael Mitchell hit his second homerun of the weekend, and Kevin Clark doubled in a run. Brian Rike only got a walk at the plate, but he nailed a runner trying to score from second on a base hit at the plate in the third, that had to be his third or fourth outfield assist of the season. They are easier to come by in Asheville since the small park forces the outfield in, but it's still impressive.

In the second game, Mitchell did everything except pitch. In the top of the fourth he caught a Hickory runner too far from first on a fly out double play, he then walked, stole his way to third and scored on a sac fly in the bottom half to manufacture the T's second run, and finally in the fifth he tripled in Rike and Darin Holcomb for the winning two.  Cory Riordan had a decent start for his third win, giving way to Craig Rodriguez and Randall Taylor to close out the W.