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Monday Morning Rockpile:

What's up with these fomer LBSU shortstops jumping into long term contracts so quickly? Some people questioned the Rockies signing Tulo to a six year contract after only one full season in the majors, but yesterday the Tampa Bay Rays locked in Evan Longoria after what, two weeks? That's certainly pushing it, if you ask me, but I have to admit I'd actually be pretty pleased if I were a Tampa fan with this news.

The Rockies aren't worried after yesterday's loss, and they shouldn't be after going four and two on the I-8 to I-10 road trip, as they could put themselves in a decent position heading into May if they can pull out three more series wins to close April. Of course, getting series wins in these weird two game sets against the Phillies and Cubs means that we'll want another four game win streak to start tonight. After that, it's back to the West Coast to face the Dodgers.

Hurdle's quote at the end of that article indicates that Jayson Nix's role has shifted from starter to reserve. As long as Barmes continues to hit as well as he has, I'm not going to complain.