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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

So, the biggest problem during last night's game was a) the failure to successfully execute run-scoring plays with men on base, b) a bullpen that couldn't hold a one-run lead, or c) both a & b? Maybe Ryan Speier should have entered the game, since it seems that was the turning point in the game, according to the second link:

So it was that the turning point came when Speier turned around and jogged back into the bullpen. Working in his fourth game in five days, Fuentes suffered a second consecutive hiccup [...].

Actually, Fuentes had pitched in five of the last six games after his appearance last night. And the game Fuentes didn't pitch in was Friday's opening victory against the Astros. That's back-to-back-to-back games for Fuentes. According to Josh Kalk's study on the use of relief pitchers, a reliever loses about a mile and a half per hour on his fastball when pitching three straight days. Just something to note.

Also, part of the confusion over who was going to come in to replace Bucky is a result of Bob Apodaca dealing with a family matter. Bullpen coach Rick Mathews moved to the dugout, leaving the pitchers in charge of the 'pen. Fuentes thinks the mix-up occurred as a result of Micah Bowie incorrectly taking the call. Well, that was not the worst thing Bowie did last night. The Rockies do not know when Apodaca will return to the team.

Let's see less of the bullpen tonight and more of Jeff Francis.