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Thursday Morning Rockpile: RAM failure

Maybe since the SBN blog network was down last night, I can pretend that game didn't exist. Sigh, probably not. At any rate, you have my apologies for the site's issues, but the Rockies will have to do their own apologizing to all of us for whatever it is that's going on with the pen right now. According to the techies, this was what happened to Purple Row last night:

The summary cause of the outage was that we experienced a major
hardware failure. Through a brute force process of elimination, we
determined that the RAM (memory) we received in the recent upgrade was
"bad". That type of problem can cause unusual, unexplained errors in
software that makes great use of RAM and that is exactly what happened
to us. It sounds like an easy, quick problem to solve, but "bad" RAM
is so rarely the first explanation of an outage like this, that it
took us awhile to go through the process of confirming it and finally
making hardware changes to deal with it. Basically, this was a worst
case scenario event.

No, a worst case scenario event is having two core players you just locked into multi-year contracts -players you thought would develop into stars over the coming seasons- suddenly turn into duds. The Rox equivalent of Cinderella losing her magic carriage and a shoe.

This midnight pumpkin scenario hasn't happened, and it's highly unlikely to happen, but late April/early May is high time for premature panic. The fix for Tulo at least will probably prove to be in retrospect just and easy and quick as the fix to the hardware here at Purple Row and I'm hoping last night's homerun was a sign that it's already happened. I'm also hoping the same easiness is true of fixing Corpas, but pitchers always scare me.

At the very least, Manny's probably getting bumped out of his role for a little while to try and get back on track. But that means Brian Fuentes, who of late has been just about as ineffective in the eighth inning as Corpas has been in the ninth, takes back the closer job. At least we have a knight in shining armor on the way.