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Rockies 4, Cubs 2 Post-game thread....

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Okay, so I lied and apparently the fix wasn't as smooth as they made it out to be. Teaches me for being a corporate stooge and just rehashing the company line. At any rate, the good news is that the Rockies actually won the game this afternoon, Aaron Cook assessed our problem and then  took things into his own hands with eight solid to keep the bullpen off the field and two hits of his own to keep the offense rolling. What a guy.

Anyway, Scott Podsednik also looked sharp in relief of Willy Taveras with three hits, and Chris Iannetta hit his first homerun of the season. Matt Holliday doubled to start our two run eighth inning rally, and Ryan Spilborghs finished it with a run scoring single to give the Rockies their final margin.

In separate news, the Jamey Carroll trade was finally finalized, and the player to be named later turns out to be the player to be named right from the get go. Sean Smith comes full circle from being the reported player by Ringolsby to being pulled from the table, to being back on the table and shipped to Colorado.