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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Kosuke Fukudome didn't have anything on Brian Fuentes yesterday afternoon during the ninth inning. Neither did Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez, for that matter. That certainly was quite the first test for Fuentes in his return to the closer role: facing the heart of the Cubs lineup. How long will this move last?

Hurdle said it served no purpose to say whether the move would be temporary, since there is no way to predict how Fuentes and Corpas will perform.

"I think you do is what's best for the club," Hurdle said. "And that's to give the ball to Brian right now, get the heat off Manny, give him an opportunity to work his way (back). See how that plays out."

Sounds as if Hurdle will stick with this until Fuentes blows a few saves in a row, no?

Cook might have a new nickname soon, "The Terminator," if he keeps coming up big after the Rockies fall big time.

Tracy Ringolsby suggests two possible lineup changes, one Hurdle likely won't do and the other, possibly. Todd Helton moving to the two-hole has been bandied around before, but would Hurdle actually stick with such a move for long?

Mark Kiszla chimes in with a "This isn't October anymore for the Rockies" piece.

Next up, a weekend series against the Dodgers. We'll get our first look at Hiroki Kuroda tonight.