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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

It's almost always true of people that if they're not the top dog in a given situation, that  their insecurities start to eat away at the edges of their self confidence. In short, first you become a grunt, and then you become disgruntled. So it comes as no surprise that Willy Taveras is getting upset about his playing time and questioning his role with the Rockies. With Scott Podsednik set to start again tonight, don't expect Taveras to find his inner peace just yet.

While the Rockies are concerned about Ubaldo Jimenez's lack of progress so far this season, things could be a lot worse. The Twins were hoping Francisco Liriano would make the loss of Johan Santana bearable by returning from Tommy John surgery with the same dominance he had in his rookie season. Far from contending for Cy Young, Liriano got himself demoted to AAA after a miserable start to his season.

Some are conceding the division to the Diamondbacks already, which is perfectly understandable. Their magic number on us is only 133. Seriously. It's not even May, Jim. We haven't had our twenty game win streak this season, yet. Wait until after that before you pronounce us dead.