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Game #24: Penny vs Redman

I was meaning to review game thread etiquette the other night, but SBN's server issues prevented me. Perhaps this should be expected with losing, but the language of the board got a little salty last week. Mild expletives can slide, but the harsher sexually derived words will definitely draw a flag. Please do not think that asterisking out c***e words is an appropriate substitution, either. If you know what the asterisks are taking out, chances are the rest of us do, also. Just be a little more creative in voicing your displeasure without resorting to vulgarity.

Second, at the opposite end of the commenting spectrum, I've been a bit disappointed that nobody's been using our new recommend feature on comments. If somebody posts something you find that's particularly insightful or witty or that will lead humanity into a new era of global peace, go ahead and take the recommend action. I'd like to start featuring the best comments from the gamethreads in the next morning's Rockpile, the recommends will help me spot them better.

Okay, off the soapbox. Let's play some crafty-lefty ball.

Go Rockies!