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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

I thought the Luis Vizcaino discussion was worthy of its own post, but there are other items on the plate today:

Troy Tulowitzki is clutch, Garrett Atkins is anti-clutch. Somehow, I think that Rockies fans are actually going to come out right in this, even though I have some serious doubts about other fan picks.

I'm working on a big minor league preview today, as well as the game thread for this afternoon -weather permitting- but in the meantime to satiate your Rockies prospect fix, subscribers of Baseball America would be able to read a Dave Krieger article about the quandary we call Ian Stewart. Atkins clearly deserves his spot on the team, but more and more it's looking like Ian's ready to contribute as well. This gets resolved one way or another before the end of 2008, I'm certain.

I'm putting this Larry Bowa ejection video below the fold, but it's worth watching. Thanks go to Baseball Digest Daily for pointing it out. Bowa's been suspended for three games for making one of the stupidest acts of defiance I've seen in quite awhile: