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Wednesday Morning Rockpile: The Return of Q

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Omar Quintanilla may have to compete with Garrett Atkins for playing time at second after last night, but nonetheless Q gets one more shot at showing he's more than just a very good AAA player that can't make the jump to the MLB level. Fortunately for Q, perhaps, but a little more troubling for the rest of us is the fact that he actually figures to get a lot of PT with both Troy Tulowitzki and Jeff Baker going down with injuries last night.

Everything's pretty much blown up right now. Thoroughly demolished and the Rockies will certainly have to be creative to patch this stretch of games together. That's even before we get to the rotation issues for Saturday. As far as that goes, the options seem to be Josh Towers or Jorge de la Rosa . I would figure Jose Capellan is another option since he was used as a starter in Colorado Springs.

With Atkins and Iannetta's position switches, last night's game was truly a memorable one, and should go down in the Rockies all time weird games along with Brent Mayne's pitching performance and the Spring Training bee game among others. As is usually the case with those, it's made particularly special by the improbable win. One positive side effect from it, a silver lining to losing Tulo, might be that this loosens the team up a bit. Thank goodness we were playing the Giants and not a real MLB team.

Injuries: Colorado Rockies


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Jeff Baker other excused 4.29.2008