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Friday Morning Rockpile: Back Home

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Well, that road trip in St. Louis was disappointing, to say the least. But we should put that out of our minds for now. The Rockies return home to celebrate last year's pennant win this weekend.  We'll wait until tomorrow night to see the pennant unveiled. Today Joe Kennedy's widow and son will take the field before the game:

The ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by Kaige Kennedy, who is 16 months old and the son of the late Joe Kennedy, a former Rockies pitcher. Todd Helton, a close friend of Kennedy and his widow, Jami, will accompany Kaige on the field.

That'll be a great moment.

Todd Helton has the right idea that this Opening Day will be different than past ones:

"I always look forward to it because it is a chance for the fans and the team to reunite, and this one will have a little more meaning to it," he said.

Sure, it would have even more meaning if the team was celebrating a World Series victory, but when someone mentions the '07 Rockies season the first thought isn't going to be, "The Rockies lost the World Series." It's going to be, "Those 21 days . . ." The club's already seen the impact that run has had on ticket sales.

For those of you attending the game today, enjoy it! We'll expect your stories and photos about the Opener later today.