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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

So whoever came up with the idea to give the snakes their own clubs to make things more fair on Whacking Day needs to get sacked.

At any rate, the good that comes from this early season malaise is that it also serves as an early season wake up call. Tulo's going to sharpen his defense, Matt's going to spend extra time in the cage and the video room to better his AB's. That can only be considered a good thing, but we all know that eventually the bats will come arolund and Tulo's glove will be fine. More worrisome is the pitching situation, the two above links both indicate that Jason Hirsh won't be available until the end of May or beginning of June at the earliest and Mark Redman looked as uninspiring as we'd expect him to be yesterday. It would be nice if our two other starting southpaws can come up with something special over the weekend to bolster our confidence.

Matt's also getting more work outside the batting cage, being tapped to be Qwest's spokesperson as he continues to ring up endorsement deals.

Marana, Arizona is beginning to woo Rockies officials should the team decide it's in their best interest to leave Tucson after the White Sox depart next year. Of course, being just northwest of Tucson, the town is only marginally closer to the Phoenix area where the bulk of teams train, but Marana hosts the PGA's annual Match-Play tournament  and may be an interesting alternative.