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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

Alright, after the euphoria of winning two in a row wore off, reality started to set in.

FACT: Jair Jurrgens is a rookie pitcher and we should pummel rookie pitchers.

FACT: The 2007 Rockies scored four runs or more five times in their first eight games. Yesterday was the first time the 2008 Rox cracked that threshold.

FACT: Grizzly bears are more powerful than black bears.

Okay, I don't know why I suddenly decided to channel Dwight K. Schrute for this, but let's go with it:

QUESTION: Do we have any confidence in the Rockies offense yet?

I don't know if I do. Like I said in last night's game thread, I really think now's the time we should consider starting Iannetta a little more frequently, but I don't think the answers are as easy for Jayson Nix. Let's hope things continue to pick up tonight.

At any rate, yesterday was an important confidence boost for Ubaldo Jimenez, so that's something. Besides Luis Vizcaino and Jason Hirsh updates, the Ringolsby article also mentions that Bobby Cox declined an invitation to coach with Clint Hurdle in the All Star Game this season. Hurdle clearly admires Cox, it would be nice if he could give the Rockies a similar managerial career.

Matt Herges still doesn't know if he's going to be suspended for HGH use or not, yesterday the Braves top center field prospect Jordan Schafer was docked 50 games by the MLB for HGH use, which was sort of surprising given that there's no approved test for it yet.