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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

Greg Reynolds' MLB debut on Mother's Day tomorrow will set the club mark for the quickest ascent by a pitcher to the big league club from their draft date. It's a mark that figures to get broken later this summer by our 2007 first round pick, Casey Weathers, but it's a great accomplishment for Greg and I'm really excited about watching that game. If he's to win it, he'll have to do it without the bat of Matt Holliday aiding him, as Big Daddy is expected to get Mom's day off. Luckily, thanks to Aaron Cook's performance last night, the Rockies only need to scratch out a win in one of these next two games to get their first series win since the middle of April.

That last linked Troy Renck article also includes Clint Hurdle's insistence that Yorvit's the primero uno catcher on the squad. Torrealba's one for four night last night leaves him ranked #64 in offensive contribution out of the 71 catchers to play in the MLB this year in VORP. As I mentioned earlier this week, Chris Iannetta is the sixth best. What's more, as the four guys he left on base last night kind of indicate, Torrealba has been terrible in the clutch, being the worst on the team in win probability added. Iannetta has been the Rockies best when it comes to coming up with the big hit when we need it. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

Anyway, with the Padres losing five straight, the Rockies can put serious hurt on their chances of being involved in another play-in game with us this year by winning these next two. Pushing them out of contention will also have some indirect benefits around the trade deadline by adding another seller to the pool. Let's show a killer instinct this weekend, guys. BTW, speaking of the Padres, before our series with them in April, I did a Q & A with Ducksnorts' Geoff Young that I completely spaced linking here in a busy week. Ducksnorts is one of two must-read Padres blogs along with Gaslamp Ball, and probably the best place to learn about our rival. Even though the Q and A was in April, the questions were on general themes so the answers still apply.