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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Mother's Day Edition


Happy Mother's Day!

It's a pink Sunday as Major League Baseball goes to bat against breast cancer. Garrett Atkins' mother, Diana, beat cancer, and 14 years later she's still going strong. Garrett couldn't feel better:

"I'm definitely blessed," he [Atkins] said. "I still get to have her around. A lot of people lose their moms or their sisters or loved ones when something like that happens. To tack on an extra 14 years so far, the things she's been able to watch me and my sister accomplish is something she's real happy about. I'd like to help in any way I can."

Clint Barmes had to deal with his mother's cancer back in 2006, but things are better now:

"During that time I didn't want to talk about it. But it was very scary at one point," Barmes said. "We are lucky that they caught it in an early stage. She's doing really well now."

And Ryan Spilborghs has this message for his mother (click on his name at the bottom of the right column):

This Mother's Day is special because you've been sick, but you're on the road to recovery which is great. This offseason, I realized how awesome you are. I've gotten to spend more time with you every day. You're going through some stuff that's painful but you always have a smile on your face and it puts everything in perspective. A bad day at baseball is not really that bad of a day at all. I'm so proud to be your son. You make me realize how special life is every day. You're my hero.


The Padres aren't as interested in Cory Sullivan after learning that his salary is $1M (end of article) this season.

Greg Reynolds makes his first major league start. His mother will be in attendance (see link to Barmes' story).