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Monday Morning Rockpile:

Our rotation is now very young, but showing signs of promise, as suddenly I get the feeling that the Rockies are in a rebuilding mode. This was probably needed, the quality of our rotation last season wasn't great. The quality right now still isn't great outside of Cook, but it's a lot more promising. These guys are young, but they're not too young and while it's frustrating to watch the inconsistency, our depth has been building and it should be a solid bunch that allows us to win more often than not over the next few seasons.

As for our offense, we're still not doing well with situational hitting. Players come up, they have a chance to produce and then it seems we always wind up with the worst possible outcome. The only player who contributed more to a win than a loss yesterday according to WPA was Ryan Spilborghs, unless you count Alberto Arias' one out recorded. Of course, it's been the self defeating story of our season that the guys who contribute most toward a win are followed immediately in the batting order by the guys who contribute most to the loss. In this case, that was the normally solid Chris Iannetta who apparently caught the disease the rest of the team has with RISP.

Owings, Webb and Haren or Johnson, Owings and Webb? Randy's ailing back kept him from pitching in the rain yesterday, so we get the latter combo of Arizona pitchers in our series that starts tomorrow. It's probably preferable at this point to facing Dan Haren, and we suddenly have decent match-ups with all three with Francis, de la Rosa, and Cook. Thursday's Cook/Webb game looks to be one of the best in the MLB this week.

Mark Redman's contract included a waiver of his right to refuse a AAA assignment, and that's why he's got a bus ticket to join the Sky Sox in Colorado Springs. Well, he 's probably making enough to afford a plane ticket. At any rate, he and Morales can