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Wednesday Morning Rockpile: Atkins our hero, our captain

Clamoring for a trade... Sheesh... what Phillies fans were doing with Pat Burrell before late 2007 was clambering. We're a lot nicer to Garrett, and we certainly acknowledge that he is one of the two best hitters on the team this season -assuming Chris Iannetta is overreaching his potential a bit with his start- and very grateful for his role in last season's team. I'm just waiting to hear a better solution. Trade Stewart for whom? Is it just a one for one deal or do we have to add a "throw-in" that comes and bites us Joe Nathan-like down the road?

No this might be clamoring. "Forgotten man " Jeff Baker has been putting up this line since April 10, 2007: .192/.262/.277, and that includes the bounce he got from his infield single yesterday. Which would you rather have subbing for Todd Helton, that, or Willy Taveras' .234/.307/.290 line from his admittedly miserable 2008? Baker's not being forgotten, he's being willfully, and perhaps rightfully, ignored because he just isn't producing. Even so, he's got nearly as many AB's this year as Chris Iannetta, who now that I think about it, and the way he took throws at third the other day, might not have been a bad idea to be the rest sub for Todd last night.