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Thursday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: Off

Tulsa: L 3-5

Xavier Cedeno came back a day sooner than I thought, and did decent but unspectacular work with the 65 pitches he was limited to, allowing five hits, a walk a nd two runs in four innings. Jon George and Edward Valdez let the other three runs score over the next four and two-thirds and the Driller offense couldn't score enough to keep up. Corey Wimberly and Chris Nelson were the only Tulsa players with two hits, Wimberly doubled in two in the third and Nelson hit his first triple of the season with two outs in the sixth but was left stranded. Chaz Roe will return to action as early as next week.

Modesto: L 0-5

Two pitchers in the system won pitcher of the week honors last week, and both followed that up with stink bombs in their next appearance. Shane Lindsay didn't fare any better than Ching-lung Lo in defending his title, with a line of fives running across the board in innings, runs allowed, hits allowed and walks. He only struck out two. Not that his offense did any better, the lone highlight was that Cole Garner had his sixth multi-hit game out of the last ten with a double and single.

Asheville: L 2-4

Maybe it's a let down after their triumphal series against Charleston, maybe it's a road trip exposing weaknesses that are masked at friendly McCormick Field, personally I think it's a lack of patience catching up to the team against a pitching staff that has difficulty throwing strikes, but for whatever reason, the Tourists bats that were so hot a weak ago have been playing like duds this week, managing only four hits against the Sand Gnats yesterday. They did whiff thirteen times. Bruce Billings had a better start than his last couple, allowing just four hits and two walks in five innings, but the three runs he gave up were enough to earn the L yesterday.