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Friday Morning Rockpile:

This is another one of those days when you just don't want to talk about the previous night's game. So, who's excited about playing the Twins?

AL Central Standings

Cleveland 22 19 .536 0 Won 3
Chicago 20 20 .500 1.5 Won 2
Minnesota 20 20 .500 1.5 Lost 3
Kansas City 19 21 .475 2.5 Won 4
Detroit 16 25 .390 6 Lost 4

(updated 5.16.2008 at 9:45 AM EDT)

A .500 record and losers of their last three? Against a team with a sub-.500 record and losers of their last five? Someone's going to have a one-game winning streak after tonight! And it better be the Rockies. It's a Nick Blackburn-Ubaldo Jimenez matchup. With the exception of his starts on April 7 and 14, Blackburn has gone at least six innings in his starts (eight starts total). Jimenez has only gone six innings or more twice in eight starts: his second start of the season (his only win) and his 11-K losing effort last Saturday.

Is Matt Holliday this year's Mark Teixeira? Whatever he is, he isn't worried about it.

The last link also indicates that Hurdle will announce his coaching staff for the All-Star Game today. Who else will he take?

Anyone want to help Josh Fogg count 150K pennies? It might help pass the time until the Rockies start winning again.