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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

The day that somebody like Bill Baer writes an article explaining how underrated Aaron Cook is because he pitches in Coors Field is the day I will take stuff like this seriously. Otherwise it just irritates me as that ship has long since sailed. Matt Holliday's numbers are inflated by Coors, but to use the word "overrated" implies that there are teams that aren't taking that into account already, which I just don't believe to be true until I see it. I mean, reporters like Ken Rosenthal, maybe are, but I haven't heard of teams lining up their young players to impress the Rox into trading Matt.  What's more, Holliday's not nearly as hapless as the graceless blunt instrument of straight home/road OPS splits would indicate, which is the primary base for Baer's argument here.

That aside, Matt's home-run power on the road has gone missing since right around the All-Star game last season, with his only HR not at CBP, Chase or Coors coming at PETCO of all places off of the Padres Glendon Rusch last week. HA! Padres have Glendon Rusch... oh, wait... crap.