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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

When going to the stadium, know the rules. That way maybe you too can be a fan hero like Eric Rumer.

Player hero honors last night go to Greg Reynolds, Jeff Baker and Ryan Spilborghs, mostly , although Willy T probably deserves a little credit as well. Apparently all Reynolds needs is to just stay away from that hitter haven PETCO and pitch all his games at Coors Field. Just kidding, the kid was muy sharp last night and suddenly I don't feel half as bad about our rotation right now.

Let's make a list:

  • Starter #1  - Don't scoff, Aaron Cook has legitimately been pitching at an ace level this season.
  • Starter #2 - Whither hath Jeff Francis gone?
  • Starter #3 - I'll admit this is really jumping the gun, but Reynolds eats innings, he's got an ERA just over 3.00, seems like a third starter to me.
  • Starter #4 - U-ball's close, his last four starts are probably fifth starter worthy, but not fourth.
  • Starter #5 - De la Rosa seems close, too, but this was stricken because Jimenez qualifies.
  • Right fielder - Brad Hawpe: MIA
  • Second base - we seem to have this at a barely acceptable level between Q and Baker.
  • Shortstop - Barmes is doing just fine for right now.
  • Catcher - No need to harp, but I think we all know the correct answer to this one.
  • First base - Helton's OBP is nice, but it's out of place on a team that's desperate for the big left handed power with Hawpe slumping.
  • Center Fielder - I don't think this gets the proper resolution until Fowler's here. It's going to be a while.
  • Bullpen #3 - we've got Fuentes and Buchholz, but nobody else that really inspires a whole lot of confidence in high leverage situations right now.
  • Bullpen #4 I think Herges qualifies here, but not as a second set-up man like he was used last night.
  • Bullpen #5
  • Bullpen #6 - Jumping the gun again, but I think Newman's fine as a LOOGY.
  • Bullpen #7 - We've got mop-up men aplenty